• Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic is happening right in front of your eyes, on the spot and without any prior set-up. Perfect for champagne receptions or at the table while the guests are waiting for their dinner. Yuta shows his unbelievable magic right in the hands of his audience! This is perfect for scheduled events where a personal touch is important.

  • Stand-Up Magic

Yuta’s stage show is a great mix of humour and big stage magic. He performs without any suspicious set-ups making his magic even more unexplainable and unexpected. Perfect for up to 300 visitors. Using a big screen Yuta can perform on any size stage.

  • Host

It is not a secret that magicians love to talk. Someone who is regularly performing on stage is often the best host. Especially when they can throw in extra magic performances on the side to give your event a one-of-a-kind touch. Yuta is extremely experienced in just this kind of thing, already hosting several events with more than 2.000 visitors.